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Automotive Glass

Glass is an integral part of your vehicle. From the back and front windscreens to the side windows, each glass panel gives you a clear view of the road, protects you from the elements and stops flying debris from entering your vehicle. So when it comes to chips, cracks and smashes, it’s essential that you have your vehicle’s windscreen and windows fixed or replaced to the highest standards

Our glass replacement and repair services are available to all:
  • Insurance companies – we partner with all of Botswana’s leading insurers to provide seamless customer service and ensure a hassle-free claim experience for your policy holders
  • Fleet owners
  • Mines & mining operations
  • Commercial vehicle owners
  • Passenger vehicle owners
  • Panel beaters
  • Passenger & commercial vehicle dealerships
  • Government & parastatals
  • Vehicle rental companies

Glass Repair

If your windscreen has been damaged, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to repair it for you. This will help avoid the more costly alternative of replacing it entirely.

We are able to repair chips in all vehicles, including vehicles, taxis, buses, trucks and more. Our expert technicians can repair your auto glass in just 30 minutes and you’ll be able to drive your vehicle immediately afterwards.

Glass Replacement

A broken or improperly fitted windscreen poses a significant danger while driving on the road. Rear window and door glass are essential to your safety and comfort.

At Autoboys, we have internationally certified glass and the professional expertise you need to replace your auto glass quickly, affordably and to the highest industry standards. We stock a wide range of windscreens, side windows, rear windows, glass panels and fitment accessories for most vehicle makes and models.

Our windscreens are BOBS approved, Shatterproof, DOT marked and E-Mark approved. Shatterproof glass is glass that has been manufactured to prevent splintering on impact. Our side and rear windows are made from laminated or tough tempered glass. All of our glass comes with a lifetime warranty, along with a 12-month warranty on workmanship.

We’ll make sure that your vehicle is not damaged during the fitment process by taking protective measures. We’ll also vacuum your vehicle when necessary to remove any potentially dangerous glass shards, as well as reapply stickers and rear-view mirrors that were originally attached to the glass.

Glass replacement can usually be done the next day and can be replaced in less than an hour. To allow the bonding agent to set, your technician will recommend a waiting time before driving your vehicle.

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