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About Us

What We Offer

innovative, professional & reliable

Everything we do is genuine – from parts, glass, paint, to consumables; we handle it all with care and a level of trust. We aim to reach new heights in innovation and service. We strive to constantly evolve and create value for not only your customers, but for our employees, communities and stakeholders, no matter where we are.

Our Head office

Our head office is a purpose built 1500m2 facility based in Phakalane, Gaborone stocked with over 18,000 items. To compliment our stock holding and service fleet we have the technical capability to source over 2 million parts from our global supply chain.

More About

Our it infrastructure

Our IT infrastructure is the core of our ethos to break new barriers and enables us to disrupt the traditional automotive industry. At a touch of a button we can source most parts for most vehicles worldwide, give an update of your fitment or claim, or even give you insights of your spend with us or the condition of your fleet.


Future Driven

African Rainbow Capital (ARC) is a shareholder of Autoboys Evolve. ARC is a black-owned company focused on the South African and African financial services industry and businesses that deliver exceptional equity returns. The investment from ARC allows us to invest in network expansion and to develop technology-driven solutions for customers.

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